Friday, January 8, 2010

Trip Around the World

This quilt is a variation of the drunkard’s path called “trip around the world.”  I began hand piecing the individual 3.25 in blocks in the mid-1990s thinking I might make a full or queen size bed quilt.  I was doing to feature the different variations of the drunkard’s path.   My project got pushed aside as I made nieces and nephews quilts.  In 2006, I put together the 100 blocks into a wall hanging.  The blocks are hand pieced, but then machine sewn together.  I hand quilted this one.  The quilt is 41.5 inches square (or maybe not, as it doesn’t hang quite even).

The quilt is a charm quilt, as each block contains a different fabric.  Here are some close photos to show some of the fabrics.

This one shows the back so the quilting can be seen.
Here is an orphan block using the variation “Boston Trail” or “falling timbers.”


StorytellERdoc said...

How good that you have such passion for something beyond medicine. When you talk about quilting and sewing and such, your passion just oozes from your words.

Enjoy the weekend!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've not seen this variation of Drunkard's Path before but it's wonderful - it really looks like a drunk meandering around. :) I'm hand quilting a small lap quilt right now. Haven't done any hand quilting in several years but I'm enjoying this. My arthritis has let up a little and I'm taking advantage of it. blessings, marlene