Thursday, January 14, 2010

No Show

 Updated 3/2017--  all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. and it was easier than checking each one.

The clock reads 15 minutes past the hour. An hour saved for a new patient visit. No one comes through the door to claim the visit.
I sip my coffee, check my email, and reach for a journal.
My hand settles on a yellow highlighter, aching to hold a scalpel or needle.
***I love what WordDoc, Medical Moments in 55 Words, is able to do with 55 words or less. I was taught back in high school that words like “a” and “the” don’t count (you know when you had to write a 500 word essay), but apparently they do.


drcharles said...

My first time learning of the 55 word structure. I like your variation on the theme.

I'm salivating at the idea of a 1 hour no show. All that time sounds luxurious...

Gizabeth Shyder said...

I'm with Dr. Charles, today. I was so overwhelmed I had to go back after the kids went to bed to finish working in peace for a couple of hours.

But I've also had those BORING days wishing for more work (haven't I? I can't remember them too well today).

StorytellERdoc said...

great post, r, and great <55 word seems easy but the reality is that it is very difficult, yes? hope you get more no-shows today! LOL

rlbates said...

Thanks everyone. Need more surgery time, less no shows. :)