Friday, October 24, 2008

“For a New York Beauty” Quilt

TBTAM sent me a quilt block (bear claw pattern) she found while antiquing.  I have long admired the New York Beauty quilt block.  Her small gift gave me a reason to “tackle” the block and make a small quilt using it.  I did okay, but even using paper piecing some of my points and connections aren’t as nice as I would like.  When I critique my quilts, I sometimes feel as if it’s my own form of M&M.  Despite the imperfections, here it is.

I machine pieced it using the paper piecing method.   The small quilt is 24.5 in X 24.5 in.  The suggested colors (by TBTAM) were red, yellow, blue, and black.  They are all here, though just a small amount of blue.  The quilt is both hand and machine quilted.

This detail photo actually shows the colors better.


Resources for patterns and inspiration:

Quilter’s Corner Club – free New York Beauty block patterns

Mona’s Creativity – My New York Beauty

Donna Duquette – New York Beauty Blocks

Mostly About Quilts – New York Beauty for a Minnesota Beauty

New York Beauty Meets the Orient Quilt (stunning)

New York Beauty Quilt (beautiful)

Peggy Martin Workshop – New York Beauty (several beautiful quilts)


StitchinByTheLake said...

This small quilt is stunning - I know you think you points aren't perfect but believe me no one will notice that. We are our own worst critics. Your choice of colors allowed the block to really make a statement. The background fabric has beautiful movement but allows the yellow to almost dance across the blue. Good work. blessings, marlene

Dragonfly said...


Bardiac said...

Wow, that's an amazing quilt! The piecing must have been tons of work, but it's so beautiful!

Nice, strong colors, too!

Anne said...

Stunning! And again, marvelous fabric choices--good eye. Thanks for the great links.