Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Travel Wallet and Toddler Quilt

I finished one of the travel wallets for my sister and her daughter. It turned out okay, but I think I will make the closure strip wider on the next and tweak the sections for cards (drivers license, credit card, etc). They received their passports just eleven days after applying for them. They are so excited about their trip to New Zealand.

Spent most of my time this past weekend working on a quilt for a toddler with cancer. He is undergoing chemotherapy. I did one of my "crazy" quilts. I hope it will help provide not only warmth in cold hospital rooms, but distraction as he searches for horses, trucks, monkeys, fish, bears, pumpkins, Elvis, dogs, colors and shapes, etc in the quilt. I am using the "clam shell" pattern for the actually quilting.

Find the truck, cowgirl, mitten, Santa, woman, horse, reindeer.

Find the zebra, mitten, fireworks.

Find Elvis, Winne the Pooh & Piglet, pumpkin, Air Man, dragonfly, sheep.

Find the monkey, sheep, bears.

Find the dog, fish, polka dots, checks.

Find the heart, pumpkin, flowers, truck, dog.


Chrysalis said...

Ramona, that is great! My girlfriends little boy would have loved that when he was here. That's what just kills me, when the children suffer. My body could barely take it, and I did kick boxing 4 days a week faithfully back then.

What a great thing for you to do. I tried to do something like that at a major hospital near here and they couldn't take gifts like blankets. They said they just get too many items, and there's no where to store them.:(

Emily said...

what a wonderful idea.

jmb said...

They look very professional R. The quilt is going to be wonderful and very appropriate for a little one.