Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Gift of Life

I try to give blood a few times a year. I have no luck getting my husband to give. I hope I can convince a few of you to give. As we approach this Thanksgiving and Christmas season, there is a gift you can give that will not cost you any money--just a little time and yes a needle stick. But compared to the good it will do for someone like Dr. Smak's son Henry, what's a little needle stick.

And since most of us aren't close enough to Dr. Smak or her family to give then a physical hug or take them a casserole dish or do a load of laundry for them, this is a way that those of us who have befriended her in this cyber-world can do something for them (or another family like theirs). So please give blood this "giving season". As the t-shirt says, you'll be giving someone another birthday, another anniversary, another chance.


Chrysalis said...

Excellent post to put up Ramona. To remind others how important that blood donation is. They don't call it the gift of life for nothing.

I think at times people think the blood will go to surgical patients and accident victims which is all true, yet there are many, many cancer patients whose counts fall dangerously low and they need the transfusions to continue their treatments on schedule. That is a lot of patients seen daily in the chemo centers everywhere. It's an awful feeling when you have to wait for a shipment from out of town, because there isn't enough blood in your area, and your in trouble. Great post.

Ranter said...

Thanks for the reminder Ramona. Have not donated blood in a few years now. Shall get back to it this holiday season.