Thursday, November 1, 2007

Travel Wallets

Updated 3/2017-- photos and all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active.

Recently my niece and my sister (her mom) won a trip from a local radio station. It's a trip to New Zealand to see Elton John in concert December 6, 2007! They also get a back stage pass to meet him. The package included two round trip tickets, a rental car, hotel for a week, new luggage, the concert tickets, and some spending cash! What a great trip for them! They both had to apply for passports. My niece has never had one and my sister has changed her last name since she last used hers.
I offered to make them wallets for their passports. I found two patterns on-line. The first one (it's the one I'm using) is from Husqvarna includes instructions, material list, and full size patterns pieces in a pdf file, Traveling Wallet. The second one is from Adorn Magazine. The pattern pieces for the Passport Wallet (pdf file) have to be enlarged. There are no instructions online. Instead you are referred to "For wallet instructions, see page 70, Adorn Summer ’07", but I think you could use the instructions and your own sewing skills to get you through it. Also, there are photos of this one here on Flickr. And I may just make them some luggage tags using this pattern from Janome.
I'll share the results with you when I finish. In the mean time, enjoy the music video below of Sir Elton John.
About New Zealand
Official Elton John website

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jmb said...

This is so exciting for your sister and niece. They must be over the moon. I would like to go to NZ which was so close to where I once lived but never did.