Thursday, November 22, 2007


 Updated 3/2017-- photos and all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active.

Ask my husband--sometimes I grumble and complain. Often more than I should. Often about petty stuff. But not today. Today I want to give thanks. I want to tell you that I enjoy washing dishes. I don't enjoy drying them. It goes back to my childhood when my sisters and I had to do the dishes. One would clean off the table, one would wash, and one would dry. The one who dried also had to put the dishes away. I liked washing the dishes. It was nice to look out the window and see the cows, the apple trees, Mom's flowers, etc. It was nice to be in the "middle" of things. It was nice to "chatter" with my sisters as we did those dishes. Even now, so many years later, I don't mind washing dishes. I rarely use our dishwasher. I usually leave the dishes to dry on their own, and put them away later. My mother always insisted that we offer to help wash the dishes after eating a meal at someone's home. It stuck. I still offer. I always mean it. So when I saw this poem over at Nurse Ratched's I just thought I would second her thoughts. Thank God for dirty dishes. (photo credit)
Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing you many dirty dishes.
"Thank God For Dirty Dishes"
Thank God for dirty dishes,
they have a tale to tell,
While others are going hungry,
we’re eating very well.
Home, health, and happiness,
we shouldn't want to fuss,
With the stack of evidence,
God is good to us.
(author unknown)


Sid Schwab said...

I like it, too. In fact, I try hard to get my wife to let me do it, but unless I sort of bolt to the sink after dinner, she doesn't. I think she doesn't like the way I do it, although in my opinion they sparkle. Nor has either of us showed signs of disease after eating off the ones I wash. Note to husbands: I suppose this could be turned to one's advantage, if one wanted to be told NOT to wash them: do it in a way she doesn't like. In my case, it's not intentional.

Chrysalis said...

Reading this brought a smile to my face. There is something therapeutic about washing dishes after a get together, and having your hands work in that warm, soapy water. I love to look out the window too, and think about the family and friends I've been blessed to share the time with.