Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gifts from Blog Friends

My blog friend, Dr Cris, sent me some hand-knitted gifts from Australia.  It was an exchange for the quilts I made for her children (Mr J and Ms Z).  Here is a picture of the hat and scarf that I will be wearing when it gets colder.
Here is a picture of the two bookmarks that I am already using.
I realized that I had not shared this gift of knitted socks that Dr Smak sent me several months ago.  My only excuse is that it was back in the summer and too warm to wear them.  I put them away.  It is almost cold enough for me to wear them.


purplesque said...

These are so that warm both the heart and the body. Perfect!

p.s. I believe that bookmarks are the best gift for someone who likes to read.

rlbates said...

I agree, Purplesque. :)

Cathy said...

what great gifts your friends have sent you. Will we see a picture of you in scarf and hat? Those socks are awesome. I am also very fond of crocheted or knitted book marks.

you have great friends!

rlbates said...

Cathy, not sure I'll be modeling the hat for you, but maybe the socks. I'll wear the hat, just not sure you'll see me in it.