Friday, October 31, 2008

Progress Note on Hawaiian Lobster Quilt

I started this quilt at the suggestion of my blog friend, Dr Theresa Chan (rural doctoring).  The post on it’s origins can be read here.  As I explained there, I enlarged the lobster pattern I found here (link removed 3/2017) and then “blended” it into the “Hoya” Hawaiian appliqué block.   The Hoya block I found in a book I have called Hawaiian Quilting by Elizabeth Root.  For the border, I again used the Hoya block and added the leaves from the Anthurium block for the center area of each border.  The corners are the Angel’s Trumpet block.  All three blocks can be found in the Elizabeth Root book.
The quilt top is now basted to the batting and backing.  I used the “fusible” Warm and Natural batting.

Here is a close view of the lobster with his antennae.
The machine quilting will be both outline and echo.  Here I have taped around the center in preparation to do the first echo.

So Theresa put on your thinking cap.  When it’s finished how are we going to auction it to raise the proposed money for Zippy and children’s brain cancer research?


mark's tails said...

Very cool design. Love the way the lobsters are patterned.

Aimee said...

That is amazing! So neat, and what a great reason too.

Cathy said...

Dr. Bates, I have a couple ideas about how you could auction your beautiful quilt for childhood brain cancer.

Tomorrow I will send you an email with some ideas and you can decide if you care for them or not.

Vijay said...

Wow, Ramona! Wow!! I mean, WOW!!! :D

rlbates said...

Thank you all. Yes, Cathy, any suggestions are welcome.