Friday, November 14, 2008

Hawaiian Lobster Quilt is Finished!

Updated 3/2017 -- all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active and it was easier than checking each one. 

As mentioned in previous posts here and here, this quilt was conceived to be a fund raiser for Zippy’s charity.  That charity is  Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation - MD. 
The Hawaiian Lobster quilt is 41 in X 41 in.  It is machine appliqued and machine quilted.  There is hand embroidery around the appliqued edges.  For more information on the quilt, please, check the previous posts mentioned above.  Here are pictures of the finished quilt.

This is a photo to show more of the detail.

Here is a photo of part of the back of the quilt.  It shows the quilting of the flowers and leaves along the border.

I would also like to announce that the auction for the quilt will begin on Monday December 1 at 6 am CST (no early bids will be excepted), and ask that you help me spread the word. It will be a silent on-line auction.  If you would like to simply donate to the charity rather than make a bid you can do so here.  Here are the rules:
  • I have set up an e-mail account for the sole purpose of this auction.  It is lobsterquilt(AT)gmail(DOT)com
  • If you wish to make a bid, email me at the above address with “auction” in the subject line.  Include your name, the amount of the bid, and a working email address.  I will e-mail you back that the bid was received and give you an identifier number.  This will be how I “track” each bidder and their subsequent bids.
  • The bidding will start at $200.  The minimal increment will be $10 for subsequent bids, though I would love to see the increments increase by $25 or more.
  • Several times a day, during my awake hours and as work permits, I will tweet and post the current bid and time it was received.  The bidder’s name will not be posted, but the bidder’s identifier number will be.
  • So you can check my tweets or check back here to see how the bid is going.  Take note:  I will mainly use twitter for the updates!
  • If you have sent a bid to me that was higher than the one posted, please, be aware of the time received (it will be CST) and either recheck later or e-mail me again.  We all know that sometimes e-mails are lost.
  • The auction will last two weeks.  Bidding starts Monday December 1st  and closes on  Monday December 15th at noon (CST).   I will notify the winner by e-mail shortly thereafter. 
  • The winning bidder will be required to make a donation here at First Giving in the amount of the bid (or higher) and asked to leave a comment “I won the lobster quilt!”  They will then need to forward a copy of their receipt so that I can match the name/e-mail address to the winning bid.  This will need to be done within 48 hrs (or by December 17, 5 pm)
  • Once the donation is confirmed, then arrangements will be made with the winning bidder on shipping.  Shipping costs and any insurance will be the winner bidders responsibility.  Options will be US Postal, Fed Ex, or UPS.


Jeffrey said...

the quilt looks beautiful!

Midwife with a Knife said...

That's a totally great quilt!

Jade said...

Wow! Ur quilt is stunning. I learnt knitting, crocheting and sewing the age of 8. I stopped a few yrs ago and hav recently realised that i can't remember most of the stitches. It's so sad, twas so therapeutic.
Thanks for the well wishes, my exam stil man handled. Joys of medskul :-)

Chrysalis said...

Beautiful, Ramona!! What a great job on it. I don't even know what all this tweeting is...I'm so out of the loop now. Just stopping in to say hello.

Unknown said...

I don't know how you have the time (or the patience) to make things like this.
Absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...


purplesque said...

Oh wow..I missed this post. The quilt is stunning! I hope it raises a lot of money for the charity.

Stacy Michell said...

Aloha! I just ran across your work. Love what you are doing! I also have done a lot of machine appliqué - Hawaiian style quilts. I hope it is ok, that I wanted to share my site with you.

I started creating hand dyed textiles in 1986. Quickly I stated to sell a lot of fabric in Japan. My primary customer is Kathy Nakajima. You will also enjoy her site. Many of the projects on her site feature my cloth. But, as a life long machine quilter I needed to convert the Hawaiian Style in to Machine quilting. I hope you enjoy this info... I see this page is from 2008, and it is 2013 as I write this, but some things never go our of style! Mahalo, Stacy Michell