Friday, November 7, 2008

Repairing Rusty’s Dog Bed

My dog Rusty likes to “scratch” or dig at his bed before he lays down. The fabric eventually gave and developed a hole. The egg crate mattress inside is still in good condition.

I tried to find a replacement cover in the local pet stores, but had no success. So I bought some “lambskin” type fabric and sewed it to the upper part of the cover. This simple fix keep the functioning zipper in place and “resurfaced” the cover.

Here’s a picture of the happy dog.


Chrysalis said...

How adorable that is. Fireguy made a special little bed for our lab, in the extended cab portion of his vehicle. It was made of old flannel sheets and a tiny, dog quilt. That dog loves to ride in his own special area!

sober white women said...

He looks so comfy! Our animals love lambs wool as well.

jmb said...

Things we do for our dogs. I once made a down quilt from an old pillow for my dog when she got old. I even made a cover to match the duvet cover on our bed.

Thanks for the birthday wishes Ramona.

Lisa said...

Awww. He looks happy. :)

I have a hairless cat and she uses me as a heat source. Poor little girl. ;) I found a fuzzy Halloween outfit on clearance at Target and made her a similar one so she can have two of them. I even quilted the edges. I was thinking of you! :)