Friday, July 3, 2009

Patriotic Sampler Quilt

One thing my blog has helped me do is better documentation of my quilts.  My husband has been after me for years to take better pictures of them before giving them away.  He wanted me to keep records of the each one.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do a good job of that in the past.  I found two Polaroid photos of this patriotic sampler quilt that I made after September 11, 2001.  I quickly took the photos before mailing it in the spring of 2003 to Laura and George W Bush.  

Anyway, I had the four churn dash blocks and the small pinwheel and pineapple blocks as my start.  If my memory is correct the blocks are 12 in square.  I think the sashing is 3 in wide.  I think the borders are 5 inches wide.  If my memory is correct, then the quilt measures 52 in X 67 in.
I’m not sure if I have the names of all the blocks correct, so feel free to correct me if not (Celeste).  Starting at the top from left to right, then the second row from left to right, and so on:
1.   Evening Star with Pinwheel in center
2.   Churn Dash
3.   Stepping Stones
4.   Odd Fellow’s Cross
5.   Grecian Cross (rotated 45 degrees)
6.   Many Pointed Star
7.   Churn Dash
8.   Ribbons
9.   Churn Dash
10.  Eight-pointed  Star with Pineapple Square in center
11.  Churn Dash
12.  Mosaic Star
I added several rosettes which you can see (though not well – I wish I’d taken better pictures.).  The one with the gold base began as a strip of black & white striped ribbon folded into the rosette.  The small black one on the “ribbons” block is a rushed rose.

The fabric on the left side border has frogs holding American Flags which I just loved but didn’t have enough of to do all four borders.  It is on two borders.  The other two have red fabric with roses.

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purplesque said...

Wow. It continues to amaze me how you make these wonderful, intricate quilts and then give them away! It must be the mark of a true artist.