Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shout Outs

Updated 3/2017-- all links removed as many no longer active and it was easier than checking each one.
Captain Atopic is this week's host of Grand Rounds. You can read it here.  He calls it the “Grand Rounds 5:45 - Le Tour de France Edition!”
Where Grand Rounds is the Grand Tour of Medical Blogging, the Grand tour of Cycling is undoubtedly Le Tour de France, which concluded on Sunday in Paris. After three weeks of cycling, nearly 3,500km at an average speed above 40km/h, the peleton will ride up Paris' Champs Elysee's to the finish. Throughout the race, certain riders and teams will have reached their goals, revealed their future potential and achieved great triumphs. This week's Grand Rounds features some sterling examples of writing, all capable of Stage Victories, and some, much more. Welcome to the Tour...

The latest edition of Change of Shift (Vol 4, No 2) is hosted by Ross at Nurse in Australia! You can find the schedule and the COS archives at Emergiblog. 
The beautiful sunshine coast in Queensland, Australia is where I call home, so I’ve themed this edition the Sunshine Coast Edition. So welcome, thanks again for visiting my corner of the world!
Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath of that coastal air, and get ready to invigorate yourselves with some great posts for this edition of change of shift

You can read Movin' Meat’s  interview of Dr. Nick Jouriles, President of ACEP, over at The Central Line.
  • Interview with ACEP President Jouriles (Pt 1)
  • Interview with ACEP President Dr Jouriles (Pt 2)

Several bloggers come to Dr Regina Benjamin’s defense.  I agree with them.  It is much more important to look at her impressive qualifications.
  • Dr Rob – Stone Throwing
  • KevinMD  -- We should not care about Regina Benjamin’s weight
  • Emily Walke -- Critcism of Regina Benjamin's Weight Nothing But Sexism

I’d like to direct you to Buckeye Surgeon’s post “The Meaning of Life.”  Be sure you read the comments.
Our purpose, our meaning is driven by the concept of "life"--- making it better, richer, less intolerable. If we admit this, then we are obligated to define what we mean by "life", because that is the fulcrum upon which we operate. What is life? What is it exactly that we are trying to save, to alleviate, to improve?

H/T to @MedicalQuack who tweeted the following. 
Nice Mention of @GruntDoc in Houston Chronicle http://tinyurl.com/mvoymy

Interesting NPR interview of Michael Ruhlman on cooking and his new book, Ratio.
His new book, Ratio, is about learning basic ratios. For example: 3:2:1 — three parts flour, two parts fat (like butter) and one part water — makes a basic pie crust. Add a dash of salt, and it's a savory base for a quiche. Add some sugar, and you've got a shell for cherries, chocolate cream or fresh peaches.

Dr Rob is now doing podcast as the “House Call Doctor”  giving “quick and dirty tips” to help you take charge of your health.   You can find the list of his podcasts here.  Enjoy!     

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