Friday, July 31, 2009

Puss-in-Corner Quilt Top

While visiting with my husband’s cousin Bud at their family reunion in early June, he recalled me “loaning” him a quilt to use in the hospital when he had his heart surgery years ago.  He recalled it cheering him up and helping with the recovery.  I offered to make him a quilt.  Here’s the quilt top which I have sent off to be quilted.  It is approximately 58 in X 78 in in size, machine pieced.
The pattern is called “puss-in-the-corner.”  Each block is 6 in square.  I used reds, oranges, and yellows to make it bright and cheerful.
Here is a detail photo of some of the fabrics.
Here is another.  I’ll share the finished quilt when it is quilted and the binding is done.


purplesque said...

Beautiful! Love the cheerful colors. I remember taking a quilted comforter for my mom in the hospital- it really cheers up a hospital room.

Celeste said...

I really, really love your color placement! What a visually thrilling quilt.