Friday, July 17, 2009

Purple Quilted Tablecloth

A made this quilted tablecloth more than 15 years ago. It is not technically a quilt as it has no batting. It is a pieced top “quilted” to a backing. I left the batting out as I planned to use it as a tablecloth and thought dishes, etc would sit on it better. Over the years it got put away and not used often. I “rediscovered” it recently and thought of my blog/twitter friend Purplesque. As her name implies, she loves purple. More importantly she loves to cook and shares beautiful photos (and recipes) of the dishes she make.
The tablecloth is machine pieced and machine quilted. It is 50 inches square. It's a modified nine-patch to accommodate the amount of fabric I had.


purplesque said...

I love it! It is the perfect size to use as a throw on the couch where I spend most of my evenings, twittering. Thank you so much!

Chrysalis said...

Love that!