Friday, January 30, 2009

Wild Rose Quilt Block

The summer block of my Four Seasons quilt is the wild rose block. I found it in the “Award Winning Quilts” by Effie Chalmers Pforr (published in 1974). It was submitted by Mrs Rex Watson of Valparaiso, Indiana. She is quoted
“I chose the Wild Rose pattern because it makes such a beautiful quilt, and it brings back memories of girlhood days on the farm, where we had the delicate wild rose blooming along the fence row.”
It could have been my own words. I love wild roses.
I replaced the “satin-like” fabric center with a slightly smaller yellow cotton center. I like it much better. I did the machine stitching on the leaves, buds, and flowers BEFORE doing the quilting. I have outlined quilted the roses/leaves and then cross-hatched the background.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, I much prefer your version! Hand applique? Quilt as you go? Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

Jabulani said...

Ramona, once again this is lovely. I, too, prefer the yellow centre; it's more jolly and eyecatching. And yellow is more summery. I'm really excited to see the whole thing completed.

I'm confused tho - do you cross-hatch before you add the roses, or is it done afterwards? I can't see the cross-hatching going over the roses, so I figured before, but I could be wrong ...

rlbates said...

Penny, thanks. The roses are hand appliqued. If you go back to the previous posts, it's the quilt I started years ago and never finished. I took it apart at the end of last year and made it my "new year's resolution" to finish it.

Jabulani, I did the cross-hatching after the applique. Had to "stop" at each rose/leaf so as not to go across them. Makes it "tricky" when machine quilting but still faster for me than hand quilting.

Lisa said...

I love it. It is stunningly beautiful!

I was visiting the Getty Villa museum yesterday afternoon and thought of you. Oddly, while admiring their floors. ;) The intricate patterns of marble were very beautiful and reminded me of quilting.

rlbates said...

Lisa, thank you.