Monday, January 5, 2009

SurgeXperiences 214 is Up!

Updated 3/2017--all links removed as many no longer active.
This edition (214) of SurgeXperiences is hosted by Dr Bruce Campbell, Reflections in a Head Mirror. He is an ENT surgeon and wonderful writer. In fact, he writes a second blog, Behind the Head Mirror, which is also worth checking out. You can read the current SurgeXperiences edition here which Dr Campbell calls “Trees”.
I think that I shall never see
A list of posts so fun to read. 
The writing’s sharp and never dull
Because the topic’s surgical!
The stories come from many lands
And emanate from surgeons’ hands.
So whether doctors cut or write
The anecdotes should bring delight.
So, with a basic theme of “trees,”
We’ll tour the world now, if you please.
The host of the next edition (215), January 18th, will be Jeffrey Leow,"Monash Medical Student". The deadline for submissions is midnight on Friday, January 16th. Be sure to submit your post via this form.
SurgeXperiences is a blog carnival about surgical blogs. It is open to all (surgeon, nurse, anesthesia, patient, etc) who have a surgical blog or article to submit.

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Bruce said...

Thanks for the link! Happy New Year!