Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shout Outs

Updated 3/2017 -- all links removed as many no longer active and it was easier than checking each one. 

Dr Val, Better Health, is this week's host of Grand Rounds. It is the inaugural Grand Rounds and can be read here at MedPageToday.  
On this historic inauguration day, I thought it fitting to dedicate Grand Rounds to the subject of healthcare reform. The medical blogosphere is uniquely positioned to provide commentary "from the trenches" and I sincerely hope that policy-makers in Washington (like Tom Daschle) will bend an ear to us on a regular basis.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could accurately diagnosing Skin Cancer without a biopsy?  Well, it may soon be possible.  Check out this video clip from Vanderbilt!  Exciting news.

Daniel Kozan is a medical student in Canada.  He is putting together a website, Plastic Student, to help with teaching plastic surgery concepts to medical students. 
PlasticStudent.com is a website designed to teach core concepts in plastic surgery to medical students around the world. Plastic surgery education in medical school is often limited, and this site intends to fill the gap by providing clinically oriented cases and reference material for students to learn from. We hope this site will help students prepare for exams, electives, and their future careers.

If you happen to be in Washington DC on February 4, 2009, you might want to attend  a lecture at the National Museum of Health and Medicine:  "Health, Illness and the Presidency"
Join NMHM as we celebrate the centennial year at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Lawrence C. Mohr, Jr., MD will discuss his experiences as White House Physician to three presidents – Reagan, Bush and Clinton – and his career at Walter Reed.

A wonderful source for information on cold water immersion hypothermia (hat tip to Dr Paul Auerbach):  Cold Water Boot Camp
Most of the water in Canada is cold year round. It’s cold water that is a major contributor to recreational drowning deaths year after year. Nine Boot Camp volunteers offered to ‘jump in with both feet’ and experience first hand what happens in 6 degree Celsius water. On this site you can:
View - video clips of boot campers’ immersions that will take you into the water with them.
Join - Dr Gordon Giesbrecht, (Professor Popsicle) in the classroom to learn about his 1-10-1 formula for survival in cold water.
Discover - information on Lifejackets...your first line of defense against cold water immersion.
Learn - about the medical and physical data related to cold water accumulated by researchers, agencies and the Coast Guard from across the country

Trauma Junkie, Surviving RT School, is a starting a new blog carnival.  I love the logo (photo removed 3/2017)! The first edition is planned for Friday, February 13th.  If you have any posts related to lung/respiratory care than I would encourage you to submit them.  You can find the instructions here.
I'm planning a blog carnival for Respiratory Bloggers: therapists, students, patients, and anyone who has anything pertaining to respiratory care, lung disease, breaking news for respiratory therapists and modern advances in equipment. Basically, anything that has do with respiratory therapy will be included in the carnival, regardless of who submits it

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