Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year’s Resolution – Finish This Quilt

I started this quilt more than 15 years ago.  I used some cottons, linen, silk, and rayons.  Many from dresses I had made.  It was meant to be a wall hanging of the four seasons.
I got impatient.  I put the backing, batting, and top together before all the embroidery work was done.  I then embroidered through all layers, as you can see from this back photo.

Here is the corresponding block from the front.

I wasn’t happy with how it was progressing and did not like the back.  The project got put aside, waded up in a bag in the closet. Just before Christmas I pulled it out and took another look at it.  I decided to just do what needed to be done.  I began taking it apart, carefully, so that I wouldn’t ruin any of the individual blocks.
At this point all the quilt top has been separated from the batting and backing.  The blocks have been separated from the sashing.  The sashing and border strips were discarded.  If you look closely in the upper photo, you can see were they are quite square and pull (or tether) inward.  So now begins the reconstruction process.


Dragonfly said...

That is so beautiful. Happy new year!

rlbates said...

Thank you. I'll be sharing the changes as I put it back together and quilt it.

Jabulani said...

I am REALLY looking forward to seeing this finished. I LOVE the idea of a 4 Seasons Quilt. It is quite different from the others I've seen so far. Now I just have to be patient ... sadly not my strongpoint :( However, I have chocolate to tide me over :)

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time commenter.

I'm no doctor, but I'm a quilter through and through. I have to say your applique on this is wonderful. I adore applique and all handwork, though I have been trying to learn to love machine piecing and machine quilting.

Anytime I do hand applique, I cut the blocks larger to allow for the inward shrinkage. I then use a lot of Magic Sizing to stiffen them when pressing, and square them up. Because you don't have an equal amount of white space at the edges of all of your blocks, I would suggest that you do some kind of pieced sashing that has a light background. Obviously garden maze sashing comes to mind for floral applique, but a twisted ribbon would look good and so would an appliqued sashing. But the light background (similar to your blocks) would help keep the more filled blocks from looking hemmed in by a dark sashing like you had. I would also lean towards a wider sashing than what you had; with only four blocks I think it will set them off better, and it will set the stage for you to consider a wider and possibly more dramatic outer border.

Obviously these are just ideas and your UFO will look wonderful because you breathed new life into it. I sometimes think I enjoy giving most of my quilts away simply because if I kept them all, I'd surely take them apart and do them over (BTDT).

I especially love the red tulip block; I'm such a fan of the Marie Webster designs that it isn't even funny.

Enjoy your New Year's resolution with this! I'm glad this one didn't end up as a TOAD (tossed out, abandoned [in] disgust).


rlbates said...

Thank you, Celeste.