Friday, July 25, 2008

Memory Quilt #5

I was only asked to make three quilts from all those shirts--one for each son, but I made four so the widow would have one. Then there were all those remaining squares from the car-fabric shirt and I couldn't resist making one more using them. This time around, I limited the different shirt fabrics to only three and did a modified-nine patch. Then to make it large enough, I added some left-over (from this project) flannel that makes you think of hunting/outdoors. Besides cars, hunting was a favorite pastime of the deceased. This quilt is 48 in X 68 in.

The quilt is machine pieced and quilted. The back fabric is the Route 66 fabric. Here is a close up that show one of the patches the family wanted added to the quilts.


Anonymous said...

Do you make Quilts for people? I come to your blog all the time and think they are beautiful. Being a military family we live far away from my grandmother who could show me the in and outs of quilting.

rlbates said...

Anonymous, I make quilts for family and friends, and for charities. The QOV quilts go to injuried soldiers. If you are interested in learning to quilt, ask around your community for a quilt guild or classes at a fabric store or a quilting group at your Church.

And I thank you and your family for your service. Take care.