Sunday, July 13, 2008

SurgeXperiences 202 -- Call for Submissions

Updated 3/2017--video and all links removed as many are no longer active.

I will be your host for the second edition of the second season of SurgeXperiences. I have no theme planned, so just write some surgery related posts and send them my way.
SurgeXperiences is a blog carnival about surgical blogs. It is open to all (surgeon, nurse, anesthesia, patient, etc) who have a surgical blog or article to submit. The deadline for submissions will be midnight on Friday, July 18th. Please submit your posts here.
Here is the catalog of past surgXperiences editions for your reading pleasure. If you wish to host a future edition, please contact Jeffrey who runs the show here.
If you need a reminder of how to avoid heat related illness as we head into the high 90F and 100F, then review the post I did last August on Heat Related Illnesses.
Grab a cool drink and start writing. Here's a little summer music for your enjoyment

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Mary said...

Wow. Those sideburns are amazing. Looking forward to surgeXperiences! You're going to do an awesome job!