Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shout Outs

 Updated 3/2017-- photos and all links removed as many are no longer active and it was easier than checking each one.

Grand Rounds is up over at Dr Edwin Leap's place. His theme was "Why we do it". Nicely done and some very nice posts. Read this week's grand rounds here.
Welcome to Grand Rounds! This is my first time hosting, so thanks for your patience as I stumble through. And thanks to everyone who submitted! There are some extremely insightful folks out there, and I’m grateful to showcase their thoughts.

Change of Shift is up over at Emergiblog. This is the start of a new year (and with a new logo):
Welcome to Volume 3, Number 2 of Change of Shift!
New year, new logo!
I tried, I really tried, to make a logo that wasn’t blue but I just could not do it.
I just love blue on blogs!
Many thanks to all who have contributed this week, and to those who contributed but don’t realize it yet!

Dr Wes and Dr Rob are working together to help "pinch childhood brain cancer".
with Zippy, the lovable red lobster, to raise awareness and funds to support childhood brain cancer research over at FunWithZippy.com. He asked if we'd help support the effort and host the official "Fun With Zippy" t-shirt on our medical t-shirt site MedTees.com, for which we were only too happy to help out.
All proceeds from the sales of these shirts, button, aprons, mouse-pads, stickers and the like with Zippy's logo will support childhood brain cancer research.

Dr Anonymous' Blog Talk Radio show will be back on air this Thursday night! His guest this week will be Dr Theresa Chan whose blog is Rural Doctoring. It is a wonderful addition to the blogosphere. The show starts at 8 pm CST (or 1 am GMT). I hope you will join us.
Tips for first time Blog Talk Radio listeners (from Dr A):

A nice post by Dr Val yesterday (though aren't they all nice)
I attended a lecture entitled, "Limb Labs: Getting Amputee Soldiers Back to Work After World War I." The lecture was held at the National Museum of Health and Medicine on the Walter Reed campus in Washington, DC. Both lecturers (Beth Linker and Jeffrey Reznick) did a wonderful job of transporting the audience back in time, outlining the cultural beliefs and historical context of the day. This is what I gleaned from their lectures:
Dr Wes will be doing a live on-line chat for an hour on August 6th, 2008 at 7PM CST. He recently did an hour-long radio show on atrial fibrillation (afib) with his colleague Dr. Jose Nazari, MD. The podcast is now up and can be listened to or download it here.

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Mary said...

Haha! Not required to listen to the show. . . yes it is! Lol! Everyone must listen to the Dr. A. Show! It's one of the essential elements in the medical blogosphere! Nice post! It's nice to have someone sum up everything that's been going on and is going to go on. Especially when I haven't been paying attention. :)

Also- wouldn't it be hilarious if there was a "zippy loves kids" lobster bib?? Hahaha! that'd be hilariously ironic. Thanks for all the links!