Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Grand Rounds 4:42 is Up

 Updated 3/2017-- photo and  all links removed as many are no longer active.

TBTAM is the host of this weeks Grand Rounds. She calls it the Seinfeld Edition. It is hilarious, so get that coffee and go read.
Most things in life can be related, one way or another, to an episode of Seinfeld.
It's true. That TV show which claimed to be "about nothing" pretty much said everything that needed to be said about, well, everything.
Take this week's Grand Rounds, the best of the Medical Blogosphere. It's totally Seinfeld. Every post. Why I can hear Jerry, even now...
Grand Rounds? Can someone please explain what that's about? I mean, is it Grand as in "large"? Or Grand is in "Isn't that grand?"
No one says "Isn't that grand?" anymore unless they're 95 and in a nursing home for retired stage actors. In which case they should definitely not be practicing medicine.........

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