Saturday, April 19, 2008

My First Quilt Swap

Updated 3/2017-- photos and all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active.

About a week and a half ago, I was invited by Kate to participate in a quilt swap. Kate lives in England (just outside of London). Her blog is Kate's Quilting (& other fibre arts) Blog. I "met" Kate when I won some Flying Geese quilt blocks from her back in September 2007. I made a baby quilt from them which you can see here. We now play Scrabulous together on Facebook. The wonders of blogging and the internet! I have enjoyed all the friends it has added to my life.
So I will be participating in my first (Kate says they are addicting) quilt swap. Here are the rules:
  • Quilts should be 12" square minimum and 20" square maximum. They do not have to be square, of course.
  • All quilts should be finished (that is, quilted and bound) and should include a label on the reverse with your name, location, date and your partner's name, as well as the name of this swap.
  • Because these are small quilts intended for display rather than use, you may include surface embellishment techniques such as beading, embroidery, fabric painting and so on, but please ensure any technique you use is durable (being washable is not required).
  • Any technique or style is allowed, including whole cloth quilts or art quilts - and traditional quilts are welcome as well - so if you have a dislike of a particular style, be sure to note it when signing up.
I have started playing around with "laced ribbons" using 1.5 inch squares. The pattern is a variation of the Double Irish Chain, using varied color to give the appearance of woven ribbons.
As you can see from this list of the other participants, it is an international swap:

  • Amy (US)
  • Andrea (UK)
  • Ann A (US)
  • Ann J (France)
  • Ann R (US)
  • Anne B (UK)
  • Annette (UK)
  • Calico Cat (US)
  • Cat (US)
  • Cathi (Ireland)
  • Colene (US)
  • Colleen (US)
  • Dorothy (US)
  • Hedgehog (Finland)
  • John (US)
  • Jovita (Lithuania)
  • Kate (UK) - hostess
  • Liliane (Luxembourg)
  • Linda (US)
  • Lisa (US)
  • Lisa Jo (US)
  • Lorraine (Australia)
  • Loulee (UK)
  • Lynda B (Australia)
  • Lynda M (UK)
  • Margaret (US)
  • Paula (US)
  • Sarah (US)
  • Sequana (US)
  • Shelly (US)
  • Sherry (Ireland)
  • Solidia (US)
  • Sophie (US)
  • Stephanie (UK)
  • Teresa (UK)
  • Toni (US)
  • Tracy (Australia)
  • Wil (Netherlands)
  • Becca (US)
  • Dawn (Turkey
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