Friday, April 18, 2008

Breast Reconstruction Webcast

 Updated 3/2017-- photos/videos and all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active.

Yale Surgery Update Blog featured a copy of webcasts recently that were nominated for awards. The one of interest to me was Breast Cancer: Reconstruction Immediately Following Radical Mastectomy from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, originally broadcast October 18, 2007. It shows breast reconstruction using a latissimus dorsi flap with expander. It is worthy of the award and is well worth watching.
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Øystein said...

I'm not a big fan of unedited videos like this, but the "live event" (that OR-Live specializes in) of course has its advantages.

The images are good, but I get a bit distracted by the doctor talking about other things than the procedure when we see the procedure.

Never had the chance to film a latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction. Hope I will some time. It's a very interesting operation!

rlbates said...

When you do, I hope you'll share. I love your videos!.