Tuesday, April 8, 2008


 Updated 3/2017-- photos and all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active.

What a nice word--druthers. It is a noun, pronounced DRUTH-uhrz. It is a contraction of "d rather" as in I would rather. And that is it's meaning -- one's own way; preference.
Every operating room I have ever worked in has "preference cards" for each surgeon. Very often for each procedure that surgeon does. The card covers the surgeon's glove size (and sometimes type, powderless, etc), preferred skin prep, drapes, patient position, etc. Often the music preference is included on the card. It includes a list of instruments and sutures/needles. It includes the "preferred" dressings for the surgical incision.
I druther have the patient's face prepped with Technicare Surgical Scrub than Betadine.
I druther have Adson's with teeth (fine) than Brown's forceps.
I druther have fine needle holders, smooth like Webster's.
I druther not use towel clamps, but like having them just in case.
I druther have 94.1 FM. You know, the station that my sister and niece won the New Zealand trip from.
I druther have no foley today. I think we'll be less than 3 hours and she's young.........
I druther have the suture in the room and not open it until we need it. We won't waste as much that way.
I druther patient's not have any postop nausea.
I druther have ........

Along theses lines, if there are any residents or fellows who read this blog I would encourage you to ask for copies of your "preferred" staff's preference lists for a few major and minor surgeries. It will be most helpful to you when you move out into your practice. The new hospital(s) will appreciate it as they get used to your routine. When I left my residency a wonderful scrub nurse did that for me. Back then the cards were hand-written, now most places should be able to print it out from their computers.


DermDoc said...

LOL. When I started my new job after residency the nurses asked me what my "druthers" were. I really had to think about it. After four years of doing what the attending liked, it was nice to get my own picks.

Neumed said...

Sounds like good advice. I've made a note for future reference. Thanks.

Dreaming again said...

I love the word druther as well.

I druther not take algebra but I don't think I'm escaping it this time around! ;)

rlbates said...

It was nice to get your own picks, wasn't it? Has yours changed much over the years?

Shig said...

I like the word druthers, too. I used to know a urologist who would give us his CD case before every prostatectomy and we'd have to play certain CD's-in order-during the case. Otherwise, we only got one radio station piped into the OR.

rlbates said...

TC, did he have good taste in music?

ER's Mom said...

Yes, the joy of making all of the decisions yourself.

Including listening to Meatloaf CDs all day long. ;)

Dean said...

I was in the neighborhood so I thought I'd stop by and say, "Hi." Interesting post.

I'd druther the cat wouldn't sharpen her claws on the furniture.

See you on Pownce.