Wednesday, April 2, 2008

She's a Beautiful Girl!

The first time I met this girl, she sat in her mother's lap and tried to burrow into her. The girl was so shy, it was tough to get her to let me see the "thing" that had brought her to my office. The "thing" was a small (0.8 X 1.6 cm) congenital nevus on her face.
The girl was preschool age. Mom really wanted the nevus removed. She was afraid it would be a "problem as it has gotten a little bigger". I tried to tell her that yes, congenital nevi can change into skin cancers, but it would be safe to simply watch her daughter's until she was older. At her current age we would need to go to operating room and use general anesthesia. If we waited until she was older, we would be able to do this one in the office with local. I emphasized that she would be trading the mole for a scar. A scar that hopefully would be thin, flat, and fade over time. I insisted that she go home and discuss all this with her husband and the little girl.
We did the surgery. It (fortunately) was textbook perfect -- anesthesia and the mole excision. The versed was wonderful! The family was very happy with her/their care pre-and post-op at the surgery center.
The day she returned for follow-up, she burst through the office door ahead of everyone (mom, grandma, and little sister) and greeted me with a hugh smile. I, in turn, smiled and ask her to come on back with me. No hesitation. Practically danced her way back. I ask her to let me sit her up on the exam table. Sure, no problem. No need for mom's lap this visit. I told her I just wanted to look, there were no stitches to take out. She is still smiling. "I'm a beautiful girl"
Her mom proceeds to tell me that her daughter has been telling everyone "A good doctor made me beautiful!"
I told her "Thank you, but you were beautiful already."
Still she made my day.
It always amazes me how some small thing like a mole/birth mark removal can bring a child out of their shell. Absolutely amazing!
And yes she is a beautiful girl!


mark's tails said...

Very heartwarming story. Thanks for brightening my day!

rlbates said...

You're so welcome. That's what she did for me.

Dr. Smak said...

Great post, Ramona!

rlbates said...

Thanks, Dr Smak.

Chrysalis said...

Great post! You have given this child a wonderful gift. She will have more confidence to "face" the world.

It's unfortunate that our world esteems looks so much. Children become aware of it much earlier than we realize. We can't seem to change the facts, and get people to see the beauty within, so it is a very real thing to help others with what they are able to present to the world.

What you do saves a life in a very different way than any other specialty. Again, great post!

rlbates said...

CA, you are too kind. Thank you.

Sid Schwab said...

A very nice, feel-good story; feel-good all around.

rlbates said...

Thanks, Dr Sid.

Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...