Saturday, September 8, 2007

UAMS--my medical school

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This weekend is my medical school's Alumni Weekend. My class graduated 25 years ago--1982. So my thoughts today are on my school and my classmates. I went to the University of Arkansas Medical School. Granted it is not Harvard or Yale or Stanford, but my classmates and I received a good education. I am proud of my school.
In 1879, eight physicians each invested $625 to secure the charter from Arkansas Industrial University (which later became the University of Arkansas). Together, they purchased the first physical facilities, the Sperindio Restaurant and Hotel located at 113 West Second Street, for $5,000. The school opened on October 7, 1879 with 22 students. In 1880, Dr. Tom Pinson became the first graduate of the Medical Department program.
Continued UAMS HistoryTimeline here:

The current UAMS campus looks like this. Current tuition/student expenses per year are approximately $33,920. I don't remember what it cost in 1978-1982, but I do know it was much less.
In September 2006, Debra Fiser became the first female Dean of UAMS. She had devoted her career to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and the College of Medicine, her medical school alma mater. She had served 11 years as professor and chair of the Department of Pediatrics and was one of our staff physicians when we were medical students.

The student dorm that we lived in as students was imploded on February 19, 2006 to make room for new construction. The Jeff Banks dormitory was 45 yrs old. Many friends and memories were made in that student dorm. Medical students, nursing students, pharmacy students, etc all lived together in that building. I am looking forward to seeing all the ones who come to our pig roast and will miss the ones who are not able to come.


Chrysalis said...

Wow, what a picture of the building imploding.

I hope you have a great time getting together with those you graduated with.

It's funny how those things make you realize the passing of time. While at the same time, making you aware of some of the things that feel the same.

Dr. Val said...

My dear friend and colleague, Dr. Charlie Smith, is a professor at UAMS and former president of the American Board of Family Medicine. He's a good egg - check out his blog here:

Charles Smith, MD said...

Dr. Bates,

A colleague here came across your blog and this comment. Its nice to see you participating in the Medical Blogosphere. Perhaps we can touch base sometime.

Charlie Smith
Executive Associate Dean, UAMS