Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thanks Kate!

Recently I discovered Kate's Quilting Blog. Kate's profile states that she is "A quilt and fibre artist living outside London, trying to cope with all her fabric addictions and raise three kids at the same time. Some days you eat the bear, some days..." If you like quilting give her a visit. It is full of information, photos, and links.
She holds a weekly giveaway to "It's just a bit of fun, and a way to say thank you to everyone who visits and leaves comments and also a way to say thanks to all the generous ladies out there in quiltblog land who take the time and energy to share their work online and bring me so much inspiration!" And this week I won these lovely Flying Geese! It will be fun deciding how to use them.
Here is a Flying Geese quilt I posted back in the summer. It was sent to a soldier via the Quilts of Valor Organization (QOV).
I do love "flying geese". Thanks Kate!

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jmb said...

Thanks for introducing me to this site. Your flying geese was lovely and I'm sure you'll make something beautiful from the new ones.