Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shrugs for My Niece

My eleven year old niece who lives near has decided to take part in Cotillion. She will learn manners and proper social behavior in the context of formal dance. She will need to dress up in formal attire. Because of her age, she is expected to have her arms and shoulders covered. That's where I come in. She is a tall, slender girl. Her dresses needed altered at the side seams and for one the straps. She also needed shrugs.
I took up the two dresses you see here. Then I found the McCall's pattern shown, bought some organza and lace trim. I used French seams for the side, shoulder, and sleeve seams. The french seams will keep the seams from raveling and "will provides a clean, finished, professional look to the inside of the garment". The lace provided the finish to the edges.

The use of the delicate organza fabric and lace gives the shrugs a more formal appearance. Unlike the photos on the front of the pattern where more casual type fabrics (denim, cotton knit, etc).


Dr. Smak said...

I really like the lace detailing you put on them.

Lucky girls to have such a talented aunt!

rlbates said...

Thanks. I feel very lucky that they want me to sew for them.

jmb said...

The snugs look lovely and your nieces will be the belles of the ball. Imagine Cotillion still existing. It sounds so Jane Austen.

I am looking forward to the quilt photos.

Mitch Keamy said...

I love your blog. Do you follow notes of an anesthesioboist; the two of you mix the personal and professional in a very appealing way!


rlbates said...

Yes I do. She's on my bloglog. I need to add her to my list here (will do today).