Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dream Weavers Quilt

The image on the left was torn from an issue of Western Interiors magazine. The basket is a Hosig Di basket from the Wounaan and Embera people of Panama's Darien Rainforest. The article says the baskets are available through
I really liked the design and thought I would try to make a quilt using it. I did the sketch on the right. Designed it for a 50X70 inch quilt. It is machine pieced and quilted. It will be given to the Quilts of Valor Organization.

View of Full Quilt, 50 X 70 inches

Detail showing the quilting.


jmb said...

It's a perfectly wonderful quilt R. Some soldier will be very happy indeed.
Is the white design appliqued or pieced? I couldn't see any joins to think it was pieced but it could be my eyesight.
The quilting design is also very complex and it looks as if it is done partly with a double needle. True? Do you use safety pins to hold the sandwich? All these questions!

SeaSpray said...

Wow! Your work is beautiful! How long does it take you to complete these wonderful quilts.

They are truly pieces of art. :)

Sevenbeads said...

The quilts are stunning! I'm really posting to thank you for your blog of July 18th about skin cancer. I studied the photos and recognized a similar appearance on my husband's back. He had some pesky skin tags removed last week and I encouraged him to ask the doctor while he was there to take a look. She biopsied and sure enough! Thanks for an always interesting blog and for this fortunate timing. Before your July 18 post, I never thought twice about those marks on my husband's back.

SuperStenoGirl said...

Oh wow, that is absolutely stunning! I love the contrast of red and white. What a beautiful quilt; good job!

rlbates said...

Thank you all for your comments (compliments).

jmb--It's all pieced, no applique. No double needles, just a walking foot and start-and-stop method for the quilting. Use some safety pins and some straight pins.

seaspray--It will take anywhere from 3-8 weeks for one of my "soldier" quilts. Depends on the design and what else is going on in my life (how much time I can steal for sewing).

suppressed--Sorry about your husband's skin cancer, but glad that you caught it.

jmb said...

Hi R,
I didn't believe the double needle quilting but click on the detail of the quilting photo, you'll see why I thought it. It's definitely showing two lines to my eye.

I noticed suppressed's comment about the posts on skin cancer and went to look. I think they were before I started reading your blog.
These are very interesting and useful to everyone. My husband is reaping the unwanted rewards of his surfer youth in Australia, where we both grew up. during the past 18 months he has had two operations for lentiga maligna melanoma with skin grafts on his forehead, lots of basal cells carcinomas removed and a recent operation for a squamous cell carcinoma on the top of his head. We found it interesting that something the size of a dime required an s-shaped incision about 8 or 9 inches long. He's awaiting the results of another biopsy for a possible squamous on his shoulder.
I have saved the posts to disk and will show them to him.