Monday, December 3, 2007

SurgeXperience 110--call for submissions

The 10th edition of SurgeXperiences will be hosted by Dr. Alice over at “Cut on the dotted line”. So feel free to submit a post (or two) regarding your experience with surgery here. The deadline for submission is December 7th.

And if you missed any of the earlier editions:

SurgeXperience 101:Pilot --Monash Med Student

SurgeXperience 102: Barbers --Monash Med Student

SurgeXperience 103-- Unbounded Medicine

SurgeXperience 104 -- other things amanzi

SurgeXperience 105 -- Suture for a Living

SurgeXperience 106 -- IntraopOrate

SurgeXperience 107 --Vitum Medicinus

SurgeXperience 108 -- Aggravated Doc Surg

SurgeXperience 109 -- Monash Med Student

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