Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy 5th Blogiversary to Me!

Yes, it’s been five years since I started this blog.  The title underwent a small change this past fall when I closed my plastic surgery practice and took a job with the disability determination service office as an SMAC.  I have found the job interesting, am learning a lot, and have great colleagues.  I do miss surgery, but the positive changes have outweighed the negative.
I have found it difficult to blog about medical stuff on a regular basis but hope that will change.  I have also found with all the reading I do at my new job I don’t find myself reading as many blogs as I did.  I apologize to all you good medical bloggers.  I am happy @bongi1 continues to write at other things amanzi.   Dr. Rob resurfaced this year with a new blog:  More Musings (of a Distractable Kind)
We lost a fellow blogger this past fall, but this past Monday another fellow blogger resurfaced on twitter.  You may recall the blog Rural Doctoring, she went by @ruraldoctoring on twitter, now is going by @madhungrymind. 
This week is tied to another anniversary for me, the loss of my mother who died three years ago this Saturday.
Thirty years ago this month I graduated from medical school.  Here is a post on a memory from my junior year:  My First Surgery Rotation  (August 7, 2008).
Thank you all for the allowing me to be a member of the medical blogging community.   I truly value your friendship.


Elaine Schattner said...

Happy Blogiversary, Ramona. I learn all kinds of things here. Thank you, Elaine

SeaSpray said...

Happy Blogiversary Ramona! You are one of my favorite bloggers. And I would feel a loss if you were to stop.

It's hard to believe so much time has gone by in the blogging world. I'm not as busy as you and I have not been keeping up with visiting and writing in blogs and e-mail as I had been. But, I do hope to. I'm in a phase where I second guess most of what I write and remove it or don't even post it. Not sure why.

Anyway, I love your writing. Always interesting and informative and viewing your handiwork is a treat. May you have many more blogiversaries.

Chrysalis said...

Wow, Ramona. Has it really been five years? Where did the time go?
Congratulations on your blogiversary.

Cynthia Bailey MD said...

Happy Blogiversary! It's a big deal to sustain an intimate yet public project like a blog. Not just because of the time required to write, but also the creativity and optimist inherently needed to engage socially, but in print. Hard to explain what I 'feel' about the process, but it's interesting to use it as a barometer personally and to ponder why some bloggers loose their 'juice' for blogging.

I enjoy hearing about your transition from solo surgeon to an administrative physician position. That's a huge transition on so many levels. Life is interesting and living it with our eyes wide open is an adventure. Happy Blogiversary!

hdhindsa said...

Congratulations on your blogging anniversary! You are also one of my favorite medical bloggers!

Mike Cadogan said...

Fantastic and amazing
An awesome achievement - well done
So great to see the enthusiasm is still there after such a long and productive medblogging career
Well done!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Ramona,

Happy Blogiversary, Ramona!

I love your blog too, and your style. There is always a personal touch to it, as exemplified by all the other (joyful but also sad) commemorations at your own blog anniversary.
Hope your blog will celebrate many more lustra, Ramona.