Friday, April 29, 2011

Yellow Flower

 Updated 3/2017--  all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active.

This small art quilt was inspired by a photo of a multinodular goiter in a JAMA article (photo credit), the upper right image here.

I took the photo and enlarged it more than 400% to create this template on freezer paper.  I applied light-weight fusible web to the back of my black fabric and the freezer paper to the front.  Then using an #11 blade I cut out the design.

The black fabric was then fused to the background fabrics.  First the yellow print and then the gray print.  The raw edges were then machine appliqued.   The border consists of two thin strips (an inner black and then the print) and a larger black.

I machine quilted the piece.  Here is a  close view of the yellow flower which was fussy cut from a wonderful Batik.

Here is the back before I sewed on the label but after sewing on the sleeve for hanging.  The quilt measures 17.5 in X 19.5 in.

The quilt is for sale on Etsy.


Elaine Schattner, MD said...

I love this, turning histology into art!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

I will never look at goiter the same way. Love it!!!