Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring’s Poison Ivy Warning

Updated 3/2017-- photos and all links removed as many no longer active. 

This past weekend I helped my husband and his mother clean up some debris from the storms which had come through Thursday night/Friday morning.  Here are before and after photos.

Around the periphery of her yard and growing up her trees is poison ivy.
If you have read my blog over the past few years, you may recall that poison ivy and I don’t mix well.  I seem to have managed to not accidently grab any of it when picking up limbs and debris.   I am very thankful.
Still, it’s time to remind myself and you to watch out for poison ivy as you get outside to walk and play.
Here is a “updated” version of my post from May 23, 2008
I love to walk in the woods with my dog. I am lucky to have a neighbor who has a trail through her woods around her pond that she encourages us to use. This time of year I have to watch out for poison ivy. In the picture here you can see the poison ivy (leaves of three) intermingled with some Virginia Creeper (five leaves). I find both very pretty.

However, to the poison ivy I tend to react like this (photo credit):

Dr. Paul Auerbach wrote a review of the product Zanfel in 2008.  In the comment section White Coat left this helpful suggestion
One of the other things that helps to some degree is "Ivy Block" - it allegedly keeps the urushiol from binding to the skin.
Also, TechNu is reported to work as well as Zanfel, but is significantly less expensive.§ion=1
Also, check out the post he did “Poison Ivy – Son of an Itch”

Leaves of Three, Let Them Be: If Only It Were That Easy; Medscape Article, May 28, 2004; Patricia L Jackson Allen, MS, RN, PNP, FAAN


Elaine Schattner said...

Wow. I hope you and your home are all OK, Ramona.

StorytellERdoc said...

I hope you are free of any rashes! I have a father-in-law who swears he just needs to look at the leaves to get it...and he is usually right!

Hope all is well.

rlbates said...

So far, Jim, I am. I usually get at least some each year. Price of living in the county.