Sunday, March 6, 2011

Word Play Quilting

You may recall the eye words quilt I made last year and the “Hope quilt” I did for Intueri to help her raise money for Multiple Sclerosis Society.  I ventured into word quilts after finding Lazy Gal Quilting blog.
Recently I bought her book (Word Play Quilts) and decided to make a block for her bah humbug quilt.  My way of thanking her.  Here is the block I made and sent to her:
Here is a close up of the “bug” part.
The activity spurred me to begin working on my next word play quilt which I have been thinking about since the eye words quilt.  This one will be for my dog’s veterinarians (a husband and wife practice).  I meant for it to be composed of only domestic animals but lost to fabric in my stash. 
I really love the dog block.
I have been surprised by the number of animals I have found in my fabrics. 
Anyway, this quilt is a work in progress.  Not sure yet on which animals will make it in but enjoying the work/play.

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Gizabeth Shyder said...

Love it! Jack still curls up with his snake quilt at night.

Have I told you lately that the gloves you made me have become a permanent appendage? Invaluable on the plane trip to and back from Hawaii. Still necessary daily at my scope in the cold lab. Makes me think of you gratefully all the time.