Friday, March 18, 2011

Animal Names Word Quilt – WIP

I previewed some of the word blocks for this quilt earlier.  I have now completed the piecing.  Here’s how the top looks.  Now I have to do the quilting.

Here you can see the bear and camel blocks.
Here is the elephant hiding out in the “n”
Here is the gator in the “a”


Anonymous said...

This animal quilt is SO COOL! My mother-in-law loved to quilt and did so for many years. Hers won various awards at fairs and such, and she was always so proud of her work. I don't think I would have the patience that you guys have to see a project like this through. I really like this one! Thanks for sharing it.

Maryjonono said...

Wonderful quilt, Ramona!

swooze said...

What a cute idea!