Friday, March 4, 2011

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I made this queen sized double wedding ring quilt for some good friends.  The quilt was meant to be a swap.  I was to make a quilt.  She was to make a wool rug for me.  I never got my rug as she broke her wrist and then got side-tracked by their first baby.  Oh, well, I still love them both.
I hand pieced this quilt, then had my friend Scottie Brooks do the hand quilting.  It was finished in 1997.  I am thankful to my friend for taking these photos for me.
The colors are red, green, purple, and cream.
Here is a photo of the back.


Marsha MacDowell said...

Michigan State University Museum and the MSU College of Human Medicine have launched a Quilts and Health blog ( and are beginning work on a Quilts and Health portal to the Quilt Index (

Loved seeing your blog.

Wanda Maria said...

This is really beautiful! Wow!!!