Sunday, October 31, 2010

War Eagle Cornbread Quilt

I bought this cornbread mix specifically so I could have the fabric bag it came in.  The graphics with the eagle includes the recipe for the cornbread.  I used a lovely navy fabric for the border which features either wheat or corn (not sure which).  I machine pieced the quilt, then hand quilted it.
The quilt is 8.5 in X 10 in.  The back includes a 2 in sleeve to facilitate hanging it.


Anonymous said...

My name is Sue Wildemuth and I purchased this wonderful piece. I collect antique, vintage, and new quilts and wallhangings which feature eagle motifs. This one is a beauty and the quilting in it is AMAZING - very creative and I am proud to own it.

rlbates said...

Thank you, Sue.