Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Updated 3/2017-- photos and all links (except to my own posts) removed as many are no longer active and it was easier than checking each one.

e-Patients is the host for this week’s Grand Rounds! You can read this week’s edition here.
This is e-Patients.net’s first opportunity to host Grand Rounds. which is a collection of some of the medical blogosphere’s best writing over the last week. We asked bloggers to look at our sister website, the peer-reviewed Journal of Participatory Medicine, and create posts inspired by or extending the articles there. We did this not to be self-serving, but because we think it’s important to shine a light on the Journal’s role as a source of peer-reviewed, evidence-based participatory medicine research. A group of us formed the Society of Participatory Medicine to advance the credibility and understanding of patient empowerment and patient advocacy.
We want to dedicate this edition of Grand Rounds to our friend and mentor, Dr. Tom Ferguson, founder of e-Patients.net and direct inspiration for the founding of the Society for Participatory Medicine and the Journal of Participatory Medicine. Tom’s selfless, tireless work in support of the empowered patient culminated in the creation of the seminal, visionary white paper, e-Patients: How They Can Help Us Heal Healthcare (pdf), published just after his death.
Thanks also to Nick Genes and Val Jones, instigators of Grand Rounds.
This week’s posts …
Slate has a thoughtful article by Elaine Schattner: Who's a Survivor? An oncologist who's had breast cancer considers the problematic phrase "cancer survivor."
A few weeks ago, I stood among 21,000 people at the Susan G. Komen Foundation's annual Race for the Cure in New York City. The participants, including me and 1,500 other breast-cancer survivors, walked, ran, or wheeled their way to the finish line in Central Park. Nearby was a "survivors' village." I wandered about, uncertain whether I belonged.
Survivor seems a strange term for a patient like me, said by her oncologist to be in remission—meaning that there's no overt evidence of persistent cancer cells in the body. The National Cancer Institute defines a "cancer survivor" as someone who's had a malignant tumor and remains alive. …..
Literature, Arts, and Medicine Blog has a post on October 6, 2010:  Medical Humanities and Live Theater. See It Now! (the post’s link seems to be broken, so it’s a link to the blog itself)
For those living in or near New York City, there is an unusual opportunity to attend one or all of three plays that bear directly on individual experiences of illness, altered bodily states, and the cultural and social context in which those alterations occur. …
Angels in America, by Tony Kushner. Signature Theater Company."This play explores "the state of the nation"-the sexual, racial, religious, political and social issues confronting the country during the Reagan years, as the AIDS epidemic spreads. ….
Three Women, by Sylvia Plath. 59E59.
"three intertwining interior monologues, contextualized by a dramatic setting: " ‘A Maternity Ward and round about.’ . . The three women of the title are patients, and each describes a different experience."
Wings, by Arthur Kopit. Second Stage Theater.
"the sounds and sights inside and outside of Emily as well as her private dialogue are combined masterfully by Kopit to bring about a high degree of verisimilitude to the chaos produced by stroke."
Fellow physician, blogger, twitterer, and "angel" Dr. Krupali Tejura's recent presentation: How the real-time web is changing the lives of my cancer patients

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I learned of this blog, Never Lose Spirit,  by a local breast cancer patient via our local newspaper.  I love her header (photo credit).  She is the mother of two daughters.
Welcome to my blog. I've created this blog to keep friends and faraway family up to date on my battle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. When you’re a writer, there is no need to be reported about - right? So instead, I’m going to be the author of my own story. You keep praying while I fight this nasty disease. We’re going to win!

Dr Anonymous’ show will be about Social Health Track at BlogWorld Expo. The show begins at 9 pm EST.

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