Friday, October 1, 2010

Rani's Baby Quilt

This quilt was made for my cousin Sherry’s daughter.  I made it using a quilt-as-you-go technique that makes hexagon blocks.  I found the technique in an old quilt magazine (sorry I don’t recall the name or date of the magazine).

I used 6.5 in circles to make the hexagons which are approximately 3.5 in.  The quilt measures 32 in X 48 in.  I finished the quilt in February 2001. 

The photos of the quilt were supplied to me by my cousin, so I apologize for not having a “full” photo.

You can see the details of the pink rabbits in the yellow fabric with this photo, as well as the added quilting (wanted to ensure it would hold together with use).  The back of the quilt looks like the front.

Okay, I’m going to try to give instructions on how to make the hexagons.   Begin with a circle at least twice as wide as you want the finished hexagon to be.  I used 6.5 in circles.

I press the circles into halves to find the center.  You will then fold the two points labeled “A” to meet at the center.

I press after each new fold though I’m not sure it is necessary.  Next, the two points labeled “B” get folded into the center.

Next the points labeled “C” get folded into the center.
Thus creating a hexagon!  Before placing a tacking stitch to hold the points together, you want to place a hexagon of scrap batting inside.
The hexagons can then be sewn together by hand or machine.  If by machine, use a faggoting or zigzag stitch.

I hope these instructions are clear enough.


Sandra said...

The area outside of the star is a bunch of white hexagons? Did you square off the edges or just leave it uneven?

rlbates said...

Sandra, I left them uneven. If you square the edges off, you will have to add binding. Either way is okay.

SeaSpray said...


Ramona would be so neat to have a book on quilting with pictures of all the quilts and projects you have done.

I have large book on country inns ..filled with pictures and a story about the inn.

I never tire of looking through it and I've owned it for years. The ideas seem timeless too me.

I just think a book displaying your work and the stories behind them would be interesting and a keeper on the book shelf.

Jabulani said...

Even without the "full" picture, this looks very pretty.

rlbates said...

Thank you, SeaSpray.

Sian, I thought you might like this one because of the hexagons. :)

Debbie said...

Thank you, Ramona! I'm a hexagon junkie and have never seen this method. Your instructions were very clear. But, there's one thing I didn't get. If you tacked down the back of each hexagon, aren't the folds still exposed on the back of the quilt? (Or are they on the front?) You did say that the back looks the same as the front. I'm confused! Help!

If you'd like to see some of my hexagon projects, you can check out my blog and the second post down is a recent one. If you click on the hexagon label, you'll see some others. (There are more, but I guess they didn't get a label.)

rlbates said...

Debbie, well I guess the back is not technically the same as the front as only one side will have the folds. I like the folds to be on the front. Otherwise, the color scheme is the SAME on front and back. I hope that helps.