Saturday, April 18, 2009

Surgeon’s Caps

Every now and then I make caps for friends (surgeons or anesthesiologists).  These caps don’t work well for me as my hair is too long, so I just wear those blue bouffant caps provided by the surgery center.
The caps are easy to make.  I chose colorful fabric with interesting prints, prewash the fabric, and then cut and sew.  It is all done by machine.  My “pattern” is an old cap that I took apart and now use as my guide.

Rusty, my faithful companion, is a reluctant model.  :)


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! I like how Rusty is rocking that cap.

Penny Sanford Fikes said...

Great! Bet your friends love them! You could make the gathered version for yourself. I'm sure it is just a large circle with elastic around the edge.

You could also enlarge the pattern you have been making and add elastic around the edge. It would have the same shape with extra room for those trying to fit extra hair into it.

Jabulani said...

Ramona, I'll send you one of my elasticated ones and we'll see if that fits! When Pippa went for her surgery, I got 2 of the disposable ones our surgeons here use. I cut one up for a pattern (the other I brought home for Joseph as a funny gift!!). If it doesn't fit, then I have a pattern for a circle hat like Penny suggests.

I'll get stitching ... :)

rlbates said...

Thanks, Sian, but you don't really need to do that for me. Besides that's a long way to send a cap.

Jabulani said...

I'm delighted to do it. Besides, I have one going further than LR!! :)

rlbates said...

Okay. :)

Øystein said...

Great looking caps! I don't know if personal caps like these are allowed in Norway. I've never see anyone use anything other than the single-use caps the hospital supplies.

Would be nice with that personal touch, though.

Mo said...

I did a search and your site came up. I am also making surgeon/nurse caps. The ones for women? don't have a tie, but the ones for men, do. I haven't done the men ones yet....kind of scared to try!
I also have two very OLD muslin caps from a hospital in Great Bend, Kansas! They have three pieces and elastic around the whole edge.
Have you just tried a big circle with elastic around the edge? Do nurses and doctors like those?
I made a pink one for my youngest daughter and she wears it to clean!

rlbates said...

Mrs Mobunny, the female fabric caps I see some of my nurse friends were have a front band with elastic in the back half of the circle. I just stick with the disposible ones for myself.

The one you see here is just two pieces of fabric. The crown and the band. I either hem the band or use double-fold tape.