Friday, April 24, 2009

Crazy Quilt Project

This is an old crazy quilt top that I bought several years ago intending to repair and finish it. It got put away and time got away from me. A few months ago I read about a crazy quilt contest with the proceeds going to the Alliance for American Quilts, so got it back out. It was in worse condition than I remembered.
I apologize for my lack of skill in “putting” all the photos together, but here is the quilt in “nine” photos.
Here are a few detail photos to show some of the damage. This first one shows a ribbon from some Grand Lodge in Arkansas.

It’s sad how the beautiful old silks have worn or crumbled away.

This photo shows how the quilt was actually done on foundation squares and then sewn together.

I wish I could have used this, but the background silk is in shreds.

I know that some “purist” feel that old quilts should not be cut up, but I decided the best way to “salvage” any of this quilt would be do do just that. I struggled to find areas with good fabric. Here is the beginning of my crazy quilt entry. Later I will show you the embroidery and embellishment that I added. The finished quilt will be 16 in X 16 in as the rules demand.


Celeste said...

AWESOME salvage job, Ramona!

My take is that if you own the vintage piece, you can do what you want with it. If you still want some utility out of the piece, you either have to cover/stabilize the damage or cut it away. Otherwise it's a relic. I would personally only keep a relic in my home if it was of utmost personal sentimental value, and that does not apply to anything that comes to me from an anonymous background.

I collected vintage linen hankies and tea towels for a long time, just for the love of the work on them. Creative Needle had a cover project featuring a baby jacket made of just the decorative bits. I followed it and made one when I was expecting. I still have the piece and need to take pics to show you. I think salvage has its place, most definitely, in finding a way to enjoy these remnants from the past.

rlbates said...

Celeste, I would love to see that baby jacket! Please, do share photos of it.