Thursday, April 9, 2009

April is National Donor Month

Updated 3/2017-- all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. and it was easier than checking each one. 

I was reminded that April is National Donor Month by a post over at Donorcycle.  I am a strong organ donation advocate.  My driver’s license is signed.  My family has been informed of my wishes. 
It is a point of a contention in my family, hopefully a small one that will be resolved (or never come up for real).  My niece, K, who is in nursing school has signed her driver’s license to be an organ donor.  Her mother, my sister, J, will not give her permission if asked – not readily anyway.  “I don’t want my baby cut up.”  That is her reason. 
My niece, K, is a giving soul.  Her wishes should be honored.  She should be allowed to make that last gift if the time ever arises.
I need to find a way to reassure my sister that we don’t “butcher” the body when donor organs are harvested.  I need to get her to read Dr Cris’ blog post “Organ Donation from the Inside”
Transplant surgeons care about donors. Staff respect them, and the decision they have made. Their job in this case is to implement the wishes of the donor and not waste their sacrifice. …... I have assisted at an organ retrieval for transplant, and that is why I am on the Organ Donor Register
Another of my sisters recently was widowed when her husband died of heart failure.  He had had many heart attacks over the last several years.  In the end, he was told he needed a heart transplant.  He didn’t live long enough, but I use this to show that the need it there.  The need is great.  If we would be receivers of the organs, then we need to be givers when able.

Organ Donation (October 22, 2008)


Celeste said...

I believe in this, too, Ramona. I'm enrolled in the marrow donor program. I get this magazine from them sometimes about all the LIFE that comes from donation--life made better, life given back. Maybe that is a point to bring up?

I've never been contacted for a marrow donation. It does make me think about donating a kidney just because I can, and because it would make all the difference to somebody out there. My whole family is horribly against the idea, though. I still think about it a lot anyway.

Jabulani said...

I have had this discussion with my husband, who does not share my views about organ donation. He would agree to mine being used, but we'd disagree over the children - if it ever came to that.

I hope you find a way to persuade your sister. A gift of life is the greatest gift of love we can offer. Good post.

ER's Mom said...

Here's hoping your niece will never have to give such a wonderful gift. But I hope that your sister will change her mind just in case...

rlbates said...

ER's Mom, yes I hope she never is in a position to be a donor, but will keep working on her mom / my sister. Happy Easter to you all.

Scott said...

Thanks for helping call attention to the issue. It' so, so crucial and so easy to take action through registration. I do work with Donate Life Illinois and thought you might be interested in checking out this video we created to build dialogue around National Donate Life Month - Thanks again.