Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shout Outs

 Updated 3/2017-- photos and all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. and it was easier than checking each one.

Kerry, Six Until Me, is this week's host of Grand Rounds. It is the “what’s on the menu” edition. Read it here.
The bells on the door of the diner near my office jangled as I walked in.
"Hey Kerri," said Lisa, the waitress who knows my morning coffee order by heart. "Here for lunch today?"
"Yeah, I'm looking for a little snack here at the Grand Rounds Cafe." I took a seat. "What's on the menu?"
Kevin, MD did a “Live” Question and Answer session on April 26th! Good for him! Topics included cancer screening, the swine flu, etc. You can read the session here.
Precordial Thump posted a nice poem ‘Today I do not want to be a doctor’ written by South Auckland-born medical poet, Glenn Colquhoun. You can read the entire poem here. Here are the first few lines.
Today I do not want to be a doctor.
Nobody is getting any better.
Those who were well are sick again
and those who were sick are sicker.
The dying think they will live.
The healthy think they are dying……
Dr Harriet Hall writes Is IV Sedation Over-Used?
We criticize alternative medicine for not being evidence-based, and they criticize conventional medicine in turn, saying that much of what conventional medicine does is not based on evidence either. Sometimes that criticism is justified. I have run across a conventional practice that I suspect began because it sounded like a good idea, but that never was adequately tested and is not carefully thought out for individual patients………….
The Medical Quack writes about a surgeon who performed more than a thousand surgeries on healthy people
A Seal Beach, CA doctor, who is in prison for performing an unnecessary sweaty-palm surgery billed to an insurance company, has lost his medical license, effective this week.
Dr. William Wilson Hampton is serving 10 years in federal prison in Lompoc after his conviction in 2007 for defrauding Aetna by operating on a healthy patient, who was recruited to give false symptoms, according to legal documents filed by the California Medical Board.
Sean Dent, Be the Next Step, gives “Sunburn Tips from a Bald-Headed Irish Man”
I have become somewhat of a ‘field -expert’ on sunburns over the past 20 some years. I grew up a fair skinned Irish boy with blondish brown hair who evolved into an Bald-headed Irish man. So over the years I have had some ‘tactical’ training in regards to sun management. So lets start with the basics.
  1. Any exposed skin can burn. In fact, some covered areas are susceptible to burning depending on the material that is doing the covering.
  2. Sun block is your friend. (In fact it’s my best friend.. My BFF!) Use it generously. ……….
Dr Ves Dimov, Clinical Notes, has a really nice post on “Antibiotic eye drops for bacterial conjunctivitis: which one to choose?”
According to the current clinical evidence, 64% of cases of acute bacterial conjunctivitis improve spontaneously and do not require local antibiotic therapy with eye drops.
When antibiotic therapy is indicated for bacterial conjunctivitis, the most cost-effective options are the eye drops listed below that are included in the Walmart $4 prescription medication program…….

This week Dr Anonymous will be discussing Podcamp Ohio. I hope you will join us. The show begins at 9 pm EST.


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