Monday, March 2, 2009

Texting Abbreviations May Lead to Confusion

My husband and I had breakfast at iHOP with his father yesterday morning.  While driving there I text messaged my sister who’s husband is in the VA Hospital to ask “how are things this am.”  We ended up inviting her to join us for breakfast.  She and her running buddy “S” joined us.  During the conversation over breakfast we got on the topic of texting. 
“S” is a fitness coach, married with children who are tied to their phones texting friends who sit right next to them.  My sister is an occupational therapist with two children (17 yo daughter, 21 yo son) who do a lot of texting and got her into it.  She is the one who introduced me to it.
“S” told a texting story on my sister.  Apparently, my sister once texted her “getting a pt ready for Sx”
“S” said, “I couldn’t think of any reason an OT would be getting a patient ready for sex, so I had to text her back and ask what she meant.”
My sister said, “I thought it made sense.  Dx for diagnosis, Tx for treatment, Rx for prescription.”
I said, “I think maybe that confusion is why you don’t see surgery shortened to Sx.  We tend to use surg or OR.”
We all enjoyed the laughter.

Do any of you have any funny texting stories?


Bongi said...


Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

Very cute - Hope the Sx went well.

Laika said...

Ha. LoL! Sx. Must remember that 1.

Not a native English speaker I often make mistakes.
I twitter regularly and the 140 character limit urges u 2 use abbr a lot.

Yesterday I twittered:

People interested in European Ass. for Health Information & Libraries: @EAHIL2009 (Dublin) is on twitter. And so = @endamadden from Dublin.

And Ves Dimov (@allergynotes) replied:

@laikas Are you sure about this abbreviation?... :)

Laikas (Jacqueline)