Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shout Outs

 Updated 3/2017-- photos and all links (except to my own posts) removed as many are no longer active and it's easier than checking each one.

Code Blog is this week's host of Grand Rounds.  It is a really “grand” edition.  Read it here.   
Welcome!  This is fifth time I’ve hosted Grand Rounds here at code blog.  Although my previous four attempts were fairly creative, I decided to keep this edition simple.  All submissions were included - if you do not see yours here, I did not get it for some reason!
The first post is one that I immediately balked at even including because the opening paragraph sounded absurd to me.  But the more I read, the more I realized there were some good points and it quickly became one of the more intriguing posts submitted.  Head over to Duncan Cross to read Don’t Walk and find out why research/fund-raising organizations are not as helpful to those they purport to assist as we’d like to think.

The latest edition of Change of Shift (Vol 3, No 19)  is hosted by none other than Kim, Emergiblog!    I hope you will check it out.  You can find the schedule and the COS archives at Emergiblog. 
Welcome to the Emergiblog version of Change of Shift!
It’s been a while since I have hosted, and it’s fun to check out the posts as they arrive! Oh who am I kidding, I wait until almost the last minute!
Check out the calendar, if you are interested in hosting our esteemed carnival there are openings available.
Send me a postcard, drop me a line…all together now….and let me know what date you would like to host!

Check out this post over at Better Health:  Neuroticism Versus Hypochondria: Dr. Jon LaPook Explores The Differences
In this week’s CBSdoc.com video, Dr. Jon LaPook conducts a two-part interview with a colleague who thinks he might be a hypochondriac.

H/T to Cathy who twittered this link
A computer programmer who lost half his finger after his motorbike crashed into a deer has had the finger replaced with a USB drive.

A Respository of Bottled Monsters links to an article that used their photos from the Civil War.
Michael Hughes called in the other day and mentioned an article he wrote on Civil War ophthalmology that he used some of the museum's pictures in - Eye Injuries and Prosthetic Restoration in the American Civil War Years

The  Literature, Arts, and Medicine Blog has a nice post on the “Ethics and Aesthetics:  Photographing Patients.”   Here is a small exert:
At first, I started taking Polaroids to help inform the medical history. We are a group practice and often care for each other’s patients over the phone, and in such a setting a photograph can be an invaluable aide in medical decision-making. The photos also helped me recall my patients when I was new on the job. I didn’t think twice about the propriety of taking these pictures, they were an invaluable part of the medical record and were only used as such. The consent form was signed as a bureaucratic formality.
Almost immediately, I started to appreciate the Polaroids aesthetically. There was something touching in my patient’s expression, something timeless in the corners of the room that were visible in the background. I found myself composing the images deliberately; I tried to include a colorful quilt, a glowing Christmas tree, a stuffed animal collection.

Peggikaye Eagler is a MDA's MOST WANTED CITIZEN!  She needs your help to “get out of jail.”  The money raised is for the Multiple Dystrophy Association.
If you know me, if you're a friend of me ... then you've been touched in some way by one of these 40 neuromuscular diseases. I cannot imagine how different my life would be without the research and services that the MDA has provided for those of us with Myasthenia Gravis. I know for sure, they have made a difference, both in my health, and my learning about the disease when I first got sick. PLEASE give to MDA so other families can benefit from their desperately needed services!

This week Dr Anonymous’ guest will be Brandice as they talk about Podcamp Ohio.   The show begins at  9 pm EST. You can check out the archives of his Blog Talk Radio show.   


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