Friday, March 27, 2009

Alzheimer Donation Quilt

 Updated 3/2017-- all links (except to my own posts) removed as many are no longer active and it's easier than checking each one.

I learned about this initiative from two places:  the Quilting Gallery and Jude (Spirit Cloth).  
The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) is an Internet-driven, grassroots, totally volunteer effort to raise awareness and fund research through art.
It has taken me quite a while to get around to doing one for them.   The requirements for one of the donation quilts
mini art quilts in any theme
with a maximum size of just 9" x 12" (so that it fits a USPS Priority Mailer without folding)
Auctions are held during the first 10 days of each month.  All profit is used to fund Alzheimer's research.
This project is ongoing.
We welcome your quilt at any time.
In the later part of February I got one finished, registered, and mailed.   Here it is.  It is a whole cloth quilt that I hand quilted.  It is 8 in X 11.5 in.  If you want to bid on it, it is quilt #3528.

I used the “quick triangle” method for the “sleeve” to allow hanging.  I will use this method again on small quilts.

This link gives you the instructions and some good tips on binding and making a sleeve for the small quilt.

I made a second one and mailed it to my friend Herbie Krisle.  She runs an adult day care for people with Alzheimer’s (Page Robbins Adult Day Care).  I learned recently that part of her responsibility is raising several hundred thousand of dollars each year to keep it running.  She has several quilters in her community that might help her get their own up and running as a way to raise money.  If not, then she’ll have it for her own wall.


Chrysalis said...

Wow, Ramona! What a great cause too.

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hey! nce stitch'n

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Thanks CA and Jude.