Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shout Outs

 Updated 3/2017-- photos and all links removed as many are no longer active and it's easier than checking each one.

David Williams, Health Business Blog, is this week's host of Grand Rounds. It's a wonderful edition. Read it here.
Welcome to Grand Rounds 5:24 at the Health Business Blog. This is my fifth or sixth time hosting, depending on how you count things. Hope you like it.
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The winner of the first medical Aussie blogger award is announced by Dr Cris who organized the award.

A bouncing first year for this award has been capped off by a worthy win by…
PRN Penguin
Prn Penguin writes:
I’m a sometimes irritatingly enthusiastic RN, working in an ICU, who is committed to the delivery of the best quality care possible. I love my job.

Let’s support Shadowfax again this year as he gets ready to shave his head for pediatric cancer research. He is raising money in Henry’s (Dr Smak’s son) name. Please, consider donating even just a small amount. Thank you.
I will be participating in the St Baldrick's program to raise funds for pediatric cancer research. I will be shaving my head at Fado's Pub in Chicago on March 13, sacrificing my beautiful locks to the cause of finding cures for these terrible diseases. Last year, we did the same, and Nathan's Network raised just about $40,000. You, my readers, were instrumental in helping us achieve that goal.
So, again, I ask you to consider donating whatever sum you can -- simply click on the image below and it will take you to the secure online donation site. The top donor will get first swipe with the razor, should he or she care to come to Chicago! All donors will receive an image of my glistening bald scalp and an extra helping of good karma.
Dr Wes points us to a news article that tells the story of a heart attack. Dr Wes points out that Mr. Taylor’s story demonstrates how people tend to react to new chest pain with denial.
Mark Taylor, a veteran health reporter for Post-Tribune, tells the story of his heart attack rather humorously. Gratefully, all turned out just fine.

Just for fun – Lacing in Style – a link shared with me by Vijay on twitter.  This is one of 15 different ways to lace up your shoes.
1. The lace is run straight across the bottom and emerges through both bottom eyelets
2. The ends are looped back under the lace where it feeds under the side of the shoe
3. The ends are then crossed over each other, then they go under and out through the next set of eyelets up the shoe
4. Steps 2 and 3 are repeated until both ends reach the top eyelets.

This week Dr Anonymous will be a re-broadcast of the discussion with Dr. Gwenn & Dr. Bryan Vartabedian author of blog "Parenting Solved" The show begins at 9 pm EST.

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