Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wrong Doctor

This past weekend I received a page from a woman whom I’ll call Flora.  I didn’t recognize the name or phone number that I was given.  I called anyway and when she answered, it went like this.

Me:  “I’m Dr Ramona Bates.  You had me paged.” 

Flora:  “You removed some lesions from my face on Monday, and I’m having some pain.”

Me:  “Ma’am, I don’t know you.  Are you sure you have the right doctor?”  I know confusion is audible in my voice as I’m going back over my schedule for the week in my mind.  I recall the procedures I did and there were no facial patients at all for the week.

Flora:  “I’m looking for Dr Bates.”

Me:  “Which Dr Bates?”

Flora:  “Dr Ramona Bates.”

Me:  “Well, that’s me, but I didn’t remove any facial lesions for anyone this week.  Are you sure a Dr Bates did your surgery?”

Flora:  “I’ll get my paperwork out and call you back.”


I never got re-paged, so hopefully Flora got the name of her doctor off her paperwork and called the right one.


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Bruce said...

"Um, but could you refill my prescription while I look for my paperwork?"